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Since its founding in 2004, STEEL has evolved into an internationally operating medium-sized company. Behind our young company history lies a tradition of over 100 years in metal processing. With our name, we embrace the daily mission of meeting and even exceeding the high demands of our customers.

We are your reliable partner for highly efficient solutions in the field of forming, stamping, and joining technologies. The development, design, and production of our products are precisely tailored to the requirements of our customers. With over 200 knowledgeable employees, we ensure that productivity, quality, and efficiency meet the highest standards of our industry at all times.

We handle every order absolutely individually and according to its specific requirements. From assembling teams to choosing globally cooperating partners to material procurement – what matters is the uncompromising quality of our service at an optimal price-performance ratio.


Our Customer Relationships Are Like Our Materials: Strong And Reliable

For our customers, we develop product solutions that meet the highest standards. Mutual respect and trust, as well as convincing results and high-quality products, form the basis of our long-term partnerships. Close collaboration is the key to successful projects. Thus, we not only support you during the project duration but also provide comprehensive after-sales service following implementation. In addition to technical and economic aspects, it is primarily our employees who, through their experience and expertise, will also advance your company.


Honesty, Fairness, Integrity

STEEL aims for sustainable business development, founded on economic performance and corporate responsibility. We approach our customers and business partners with honesty, fairness, and integrity. Our goal is to consistently impress with both our business practices and our ethical behavior.


Metalwork At The Highest Level: Our Quality Management

We diligently ensure that our products fully meet the requirements of our customers. This includes top-notch product quality, consistent productivity and competitiveness, as well as continuous improvement. Competent quality assurance, which accompanies our employees regularly in inspecting the products during series production, ensures the achievement of these goals. At the same time, our quality management system guarantees seamless documentation of the results.

We have integrated process-accompanying optical and geometric-tactile measuring methods into our company processes. These mechanisms help us identify potential disturbances early and proactively initiate the necessary steps to rectify them.
Through certifications according to ISO and TS standards, we are able to regularly assess and continuously optimize our high quality standards.


Iron Discipline, Nerves Of STEEL, And A Heart Of Gold – Our Strengths

  • Tailored solutions - Engineering, toolmaking, and design closely aligned with the customer
  • Efficient processes - Component manufacturing and assembly with integrated processing to avoid or reduce additional steps in the overall process
  • High-quality standards - Certified quality management according to ISO/TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 14001
  • Comprehensive support - Full range of services from product design to logistics
  • Partnership-oriented approach - Active customer support and numerous service offerings


United By A Shared Goal: Our Team.

The cornerstone of our company's success lies primarily in the outstanding performance, tireless dedication, and consistent reliability of our workforce. To ensure the lasting satisfaction of our team members, we create customized working conditions and actively promote professional qualifications and development opportunities. Training and developing young talents play a central role in our strategy to build a sustainable team and strengthen the foundation of our entrepreneurial future.


Quality In, Quality Out: Our Suppliers

We foster not only a close and long-term relationship with our customers but also with our suppliers. Appreciation and trust are also crucial cornerstones of successful business relationships here. These foundations are established and preserved through transparent and sincere communication. Our reliable and highly motivated logistics partners are essential to our success. They are characterized by first-class services, meet our high standards, and enable us to offer outstanding product quality at competitive prices. Our suppliers undergo regular evaluations according to current Q standards, for which quality and environmental certificates, supplier self-disclosures, and confidentiality agreements are prerequisites.


Respect For People And The Environment

Our employees are at the heart of our company, and their safety is our top priority. Together, we contribute to creating a safe working environment, adhering to occupational health and safety regulations, and ensuring the safety of our products. It is the duty of every leader to train and support their employees in this responsibility. We avoid hazards through proactive, cautious, and conscious behavior.

Awareness of the protection of natural resources is an integral part of our responsibility. After all, our environment is the basis of all life. Therefore, our daily mission is aimed at preserving these resources and reducing the consumption of energy, water, raw materials, and operating supplies.

It is part of our corporate policy to comply with environmental management laws according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and to continuously improve in this area.


Innovative Metalwork For Over A Century – The Company History

Founded in 1900, Hermann Stahl GmbH initially specialized in furnaces and vineyard accessories. Over the following decades, the company expanded its portfolio to include stamped and formed parts as well as assembly.

STEEL Automotive GmbH was established on November 24, 2004, and commenced its operations on January 1, 2005, with 235 employees. Through an expanded global tool procurement strategy, particularly in China and Europe, the company acquired numerous new customer projects over the years. Additionally, in 2011, STEEL Automotive GmbH expanded to include the business unit STEEL Ball Joints, creating a segment for proprietary products and increasing the share of non-automotive products.

In recent years, particular attention has been placed on standardizing and optimizing processes, as well as technologically modernizing the company.