equipment manufacture

So that the shape remains flexible 

The perfect tool has nothing to do with chance. It requires intensive preparation, work with specific circumstances and diligent detail optimization. We create the prerequisites for this using simultaneous engineering.

Processing several working steps at the same time significantly reduces development times and thus development costs. Steel supports you so that the time-to-market for your products is accelerated at a new level. Simultaneous engineering releases tangible added value, specifically between the phases of product development and resource planning. If an alteration is made to a product, the corresponding measures can be directly implemented into the production process. The future definitively belongs to this integrated development. We already possess the necessary equipment and extensive experience to implement simultaneous engineering in a way that is perfectly coordinated to your application. In an ongoing dialogue across departments, all those involved in the project can contribute their specific expert knowledge. As a result, all details are taken into account right from the planning stage onwards. This leads to shortened development cycles and to better-quality end products.