GOM measuring system

Assurance of sustainability 

Sustainability is a global societal trend. But it’s also much more than that. Only when we - politicians, companies and society as a whole - are all willing to take responsibility will we be able to look to the future with optimism. 


Our contribution to sustainability:

  • Certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2005 since 2007
  • Continuous ascertaining, assessment and monitoring of relevant environmental aspects as well as potential deviations from operation as per the regulations.
  • Early assessment and reduction of possible environmental effects using planning projects
  • Material selection from the viewpoint of environmentally-friendly, sustainable production as well as the best possible reusability
  • Use of advanced technologies to reduce emissions and plan for emergencies
  • Continuous improvements of environmental performance using specific environmental programmes
  • Minimisation of environmental and emergency effects in the event of deviations from operation as per the regulations by undertaking comprehensive emergency and danger prevention planning measures
  • Company-wide use of energy-saving processes that require few resources
  • Trustworthy dialogue with all interested parties