Perfection with a great deal of power 

A skilled workforce is one thing. But highly precise shaping technology, punching technology and joining technology also demand high-performance production facilities and machinery. Steel is optimally equipped.

Using complex follow-on composite and transfer tools, challenging punched, drawn and bent parts are produced to the highest standards in partial production. To accelerate the cycle, individual process steps are brought together and implemented in a hub.  The following manufacturing techniques, such as thread-rolling or laser welding, can also be directly integrated into the pressing process if required. In line with the technical framework conditions, Steel selects the right machine, i.e. an automatic punching press or an insertion press. Varied hydraulic presses, knee lever presses and eccentric presses are available for a wide range of requirements. Small batches are realised with special insertion presses. Technical cleanliness is provided by special cleaning procedures and surface coatings. In addition, particle generation is minimised right from the outset - and particles in functionally relevant places are indicated by a process monitoring system. In prototyping, Steel produces handmade precision parts for tests and pre-production series using simple, low-cost tools and facilities. And the mounting of assemblies benefits from advanced joining and bonding techniques. Continuous automation solutions provide smooth, efficient processes across the board.