Perfection with knowledge and flair 

Every industry breathes differently. With solution expertise, experience and our commitment to challenging tasks, we serve a wide range of different industries in line with the Steel philosophy.

This applies to the automotive industry, for instance, where Steel’s ‘perfect performance’ is expressed in mechanical, electrical and electronic components for car media. The range extends from individual parts and assembly groups for airbags, seating systems and joint parts, via drives for electrical sunroofs, cooling plates and supporting plates, through to housings for navigation systems or for engine management systems. Supporting plates for assistance, ESP and other safety systems are also in the portfolio. It is therefore almost self-evident that, in addition to automobile electronics, our range of services is equally in demand in the field of entertainment electronics, such as for mobile phone covers or various housings. However, household appliances, challenging electric tools such as angle grinders and chainsaws, furniture and countless other applications are also based on precision parts from Steel. Which new products will it be tomorrow? Steel remains innovative - and assists its customers from the idea through to the completed series. No matter whether they are stops, guideways, lips or threads... Steel products fulfil a very wide range of functions. Across industries. Based on various materials. And always with the narrowest tolerances.