Perfect Components – the mounting of assemblies by Steel 

The shape brings the result. Only when accurately fitting single components create a complex overall system can each component fulfil its purpose.

Steel offers this: with advanced bonding and mounting techniques, we create complex assemblies that precisely fulfil our clients’ requirements. Defined functions and geometries are observed accurately at every working step. Well-known, proven technologies - such as welding, robot-guided clinching, riveting and joining - are used effectively in our robot-guided facilities. For parts requiring documentation, there are also automatic 100% tests integrated into the process. And for laser welding, a further Steel specialty, CNC surface processing, welding and soldering offer new possibilities. Steel works incredibly precisely for its customers. The proof: we have internationally renowned reference customers thanks to our excellent experience.


Base plate:

  • Optimum evenness of the reflecting surfaces
  • Complete surface
  • Laser-processed coating
  • Material: EN AW-5754
  • Batch size: 50,000

Transmission cover:

  • Highest precision (H7 fit, coaxiality< 01. mm)
  • Precise, automatic supplying of the bearing sleeve
  • Material: HC 380 LA
  • Batch size: 30,000

Steering column adjustment:

  • Complex assembly (documentation part)
  • Use of robot-guided laser soldering and laser welding procedures
  • Material: DC04
  • Batch size: 6,000