Laser welding 

CNC technology provides lasting, reliable connections in the mounting of assemblies. Oxidation is thus prevented, as well as a change in the arrangement or a deformation of the components.

CNC-controlled flanging, gas tungsten arc welding, gas-metal arc welding, stud welding and projection welding, spot welding and laser welding: Steel uses a wide range of the latest bonding techniques to make prototypes and small batches for its clients. Flexible and equally economical production allows for an individually adaptable level of automation. Our flexible robot cells and facilities with component-specific equipment can be configured for a wide range of applications. Mounting operations without automation or with a very low level of automation take place in manual assembly areas in our company. Assemblies with a high level of automation, such as complete steering column adjustments, are, in turn, produced on automatic assembly machines.

Automated lasering of points of contact on main base plates:

  • Reliable 100% testing
  • Layer thickness measurement
  • Visual inspection of the reflecting surfaces
  • Electrical continuity test
  • Automated de-stacking