Precision punched parts 

Precision punched parts are often created from a variety of integrated processes. Welding, flanging, riveting, warping – highly developed follow-on composite tools ensure effective processing here.

Flat parts are punched out of a metallic material using presses and cutting tools. The punch as the upper part of the tool shows the inner shape, while the lower part shows the corresponding opening. The base can, however, also be even. Then the upper part of the tool consists of a suitably shaped, closed punch pin. The reliable monitoring of the process is of crucial importance. For instance, pieces punched out can damage the tool and product or delay the production process. Spring-mounted cast pins in the punch or a special polished section in the punch abutting face provide a solution. It is clear that, even for precision punched parts, we do not think in terms of problems but instead in terms of solutions.