Perfect Parts – the manufacture of parts with Steel 

The shape is the path. Formed parts, punched parts and joined parts can have a very wide range of characteristics. Ultimately, they need to reliably fulfil specific tasks in diverse applications over the long-term.

Steel offers this: thanks to integrated processing on high-performance presses, we can complete many tasks at once. Our punching and forming machines from 1,000 to 8,000 kN with a maximum die window of 3,650 x 2,000mm open up an especially broad range of services here. Process-integrated automation, from punching and thread shaping through to the feeding of screws, nuts, sleeves and bearing elements, enriches every process step with additional efficiency. We offer optimum precision across the board. For applications in a wide range of sectors - from automotive to household appliances and furniture, from medical technology to environmental engineering, solar and photovoltaics - customers find the right partner in us. As always, the requirement is: Steel develops a custom-built solution with experience, professionalism and creativity. In doing so, quality starting materials form the basis for long-lasting quality products. Material strengths of 0.3 to 6mm and band widths of 10 to 1,220mm are our framework here. We process steel, no matter whether it is cold- or hot-rolled, high-tensile, electrolytic or hot-dip galvanised. Stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper are also the starting basis for our productions. And, as a special highlight, we offer pre-painted materials.

Solenoid valve housing:

  • Places the highest demands on forming
  • Thread creation on the side in the press
  • Targeted material stretching by 47%
  • Material: DD14
  • Batch size: 40,000

Cover plate:

  • Created by transforming higher tensile steel < S550
  • Punched parts become functional parts through precision
  • Material: HX500LAD+ZA100MA
  • Batch size: 15,000

Cross beams:

  • Formed part with a particularly difficult undercut
  • Material: ZSt380+Z100MA
  • Batch size: 30,000